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Antoinette Rand on Philanthropic Activities of the American Quarter Horse Association

I belong to the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA), an organization that maintains a long history of backing programs for riders and horses. Currently the AQHA’s philanthropic activities include providing scholarships to individuals pursuing an education in the equine industry and supporting funding for therapeutic riding programs for children with special needs.

The American Quarter Horse Foundation’s scholarship program offers financial assistance to members of the AQHA and the American Quarter Horse Youth Association (AQHYA) to pursue racing, professional training, higher education, and other ventures. The Foundation selects recipients based on their academic standing, financial need, leadership background, and achievements working with American Quarter Horses. The AQHA offers four unique scholarship types.

~General scholarships support undergraduate or graduate educational pursuits of any kind, allowing members of the AQHA, 4-H, or the National FFA Organization to advance professionally.

~Racing grants promote growth within the equine racing industry by backing those students seeking careers in the business, whether in racetrack management, veterinary medicine, or a similar field.

~Career path scholarships promote those persons pursuing employment in positions related to the horse industry, such as jobs in animal science or therapeutic riding.

~State and regional grants reinforce the work of the AQHA’s youth affiliate ambassadors.

Active in promoting therapeutic riding centers nationwide, the AQHA awards funding through the America’s Horse Cares grant program. With money from the initiative, the therapy programs can help riders with Down syndrome, autism, and other developmental and disabling conditions improve their physical, cognitive, and emotional abilities.

About the author: Addison, Texas-based rider Antoinette Rand balances her career in energy development by participating in reining competitions and other equine events. Antoinette Rand maintains affiliations with the AQHA, the National Reining Horse Association, the Southwest Reining Horse Association, and similar organizations.

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