About Antoinette Rand

Antoinette Rand is an active participant in many equine-focused organizations and events. For some time, Antoinette Rand has been a proud member of the Texas Reining Horse Association (TRHA), an affiliate of the National Reining Horse Association. As a TRHA member, Antoinette Rand takes on many duties within the association’s region of central and southeast Texas. Reining is a competitive sport based on the agile movements of horses; these techniques are refined and choreographed, sometimes to music, in the sport of reining. Horses in the reining competitions Antoinette Rand attends are judged on their technical accuracy in executing a series of maneuvers. TRHA boasts some of the best trainers and competitors in reining, which is one of Antoinette Rand’s favorite sports. On the TRHA website, TRHAonline.com, the organization lists a full calendar of events scheduled to take place throughout 2010. On the show schedule page, TRHA also lists qualifications necessary to enroll in the shows. Demonstrating her versatile interests in addition to horses, Antoinette Rand enthusiastically participates in Team in Training (TNT), a hands-on fitness program conducted by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. TNT offers training for a variety of events, including half and full marathons, hiking, and endurance bike rides. In 2007, Antoinette Rand completed the White Rock Half Marathon with the help of TNT and raised much-needed funds for cancer research. Over the course of TNT’s 22-year history, the organization has attracted hundreds of members such as Antoinette Rand. A dedicated network of teammates, mentors, and coaches, TNT promises one-on-one instruction and support beyond what is offered in most fitness centers and gyms. TNT also holds weekly team workouts to foster camaraderie and support among participants. In addition to leading workout sessions, TNT’s coaches and mentors also advise their charges on injury prevention and nutrition.

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